What a makes a particular property a good investment?

There are no certainties in buying real estate, after all even the best deals on paper have caused some people to lose very large monetary investments. From our experience, the consensus seems to be that the people that conduct the most research are normally the ones that realize the most gains and minimize any possible losses. The research that we are referring to in this post is not just researching the neighborhood and the lowest priced properties, it should also include sales withing the last two years, neighborhood pricing trends (are the properties in the area going up or down in value), reasons for the sale of the property, major repairs needed to be performed, trends in the real estate market in general, amount of properties that are being renovated and flipped in the area, amount of rents that investment properties in the area are generating, among many other factors. If a property is being sold for a negligently low amount in comparison to what the actual market value of the property should be, then you should be cautious and question the reasons for the low asking price, and although sometimes you may just get lucky in finding a real good deal, many times there are probably deeper reasons lying beyond what they eye can see. When you are investing in a property, you want to find the best inspector that you can to assist you in finding the problems that you cannot see and any latent or hidden damages that may affect the cost of any repairs and ultimately that will affect your bottom line. A key to identifying these problems is finding an experienced real estate agent that has handled multiple investment property sales and than can guide you in finding the right experts and  help you identify any problems that may arise.

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